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Appointment Only

Building Inspection is open to the public by appointment only.

For more on appointments and other services, please see the Building Inspection Services page.

Trash & Recycling: Removal of Bins & Storage

  1. Trash and recycling carts shall not be placed on the terrace* or curb more than 12 hours before the day of collection. MGO 10.18(1)

  2. All trash and recycling carts shall be removed from the terrace/curb within 24 hours after the day of collection. MGO 10.18(6)

  3. Trash and recycling containers shall be stored at the rear of the building. MGO 27.05(2)(cc)

  4. The owner of every building shall be responsible for supplying adequate trash and recycling facilities. MGO 27.04(2)(c)

    * The terrace is the area between the sidewalk and the street.

Streets Department 

1. Property owners can obtain additional City of Madison Trash and Recycling carts by calling Streets West (266-4681) or Streets East (246-4532). Or requesting one online at Request a Refuse/Recycle Cart

2. The Streets Department will ONLY pick up trash and recycling in the City supplied carts. Materials outside the cart WILL NOT be collected.
3. Trash, recycling and large items must be placed 4' apart from each other.

4. Many appliances, vehicle tires and rims require a sticker for City pick-up. TVs, CPUs and monitors are no longer collected.

5. The Streets Division now has single-stream recycling. This means you can place all recyclable material in your recycle cart. Questions about recycling can be answered by calling Streets West (266-4681), Streets East (246-4532) or the City Recycling Coordinator (267-2626).

Want to learn more? Download the Exterior Property Enforcement Guide (PDF 

Last Updated: 08/24/2022

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