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Building Inspection is open to the public by appointment only.

For more on appointments and other services, please see the Building Inspection Services page.

Tall Grass & Weeds

Property owners must keep grass at less than eight inches in height MGO 27.05(2)(f). The exception is properties with an approved Natural Lawn application.

When we see a tall grass violation, we mail an Official Notice to the property owner. The Official Notice will give a due date by which the owner must cut the grass. Due dates are generally ten days from the inspection date. After the due date, the inspector will reinspect the property.

If the owner cut the grass, we close the case. If the tall grass is not cut by the due date, we will issue a ticket. The ticket for the first offense during a season is $187. Tickets for future offenses during the same season are $313.

Tall weeds are not necessary a violation. Building Inspection can only enforce weeds in certain situations:

  • Noxious weeds in any location.
  • Weeds encroaching on to the sidewalk.
  • Weeds blocking a vision triangle.


Last Updated: 11/28/2023

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