Tall Grass & Weeds

With the exception of a prior application and approval of a "Natural Lawn", Madison General Ordinance 27.05(2)(f) requires all lawns shall be maintained to a height not to exceed eight (8) inches in length. When a violation for tall grass is observed, an Official Notice is mailed to the property owner.  The Official Notice will direct the property owner to cut and maintain the grass by a specific due date, usually ten days. When the due date arrives, the inspector will re-inspect the property to ensure compliance. If the tall grass is cut, the case is closed. If the tall grass is not cut by the due date, a ticket in the amount of $187.00 will be issued for the first offense during a season. All additional violations during the season will result in a ticket in the amount of $313.00

Want to learn more? Download the Exterior Property Enforcement Guide (PDF)


Interested in installing plants on your terrace?  Please see the Terrace Treatment Pollicy. (PDF)

Last Updated: 06/24/2019

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