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Inoperable & Junk Cars

When an observation of an inoperable vehicle on private property is made by an inspector an Official Notice will be mailed to the property owner directing the owner to remove the vehicle by a specified due date, usually two to four weeks.  The inspector will try to identify the owner of the vehicle and copy them on the Official Notice.  If the vehicle owner is not a resident of the property, it is the property owners responsibility to contact a parking monitor at  (608) 266-4275 and arrange to have the abandoned vehicle towed. If the property owner does not take these steps the Inspection Units Enforcement action will be solely with the property owner.

If the vehicle belongs to a resident of the property, the property owner must direct the vehicle owner to remove or repair the vehicle by the due date listed in the Official Notice. The property owner must make a substantial effort to have the tenant repair or remove the vehicle from the property. If the property owner makes a substantial effort to have the tenant comply with the Official Notice, the Inspection Unit's enforcement action will be with the owner of the vehicle.

The Inspection Unit will work with both the property owner and the vehicle owner if there is a good faith effort to comply with the Official Notice. An extension may be possible when there is an active effort to repair or remove the vehicle.

When enforcement becomes necessary, a ticket (first one, $177.00) will be issued to the property owner and/or vehicle owner if the vehicle is not repaired or removed by the due date. A second due date is set, typically 10 days to two weeks, and a second ticket ($303.00) will be issued if the vehicle is not repaired or removed by the second due date. Then, a third due date, typically 10 days to two weeks will be set. If the vehicle is still not repaired or removed by the third due date, a third ticket ($366.00) will be issued.  The vehicle is then tagged by the inspector and will be towed from the property in 72 hours.   

Please note: If this violation is not viewable from the public sidewalk or street, we may seek your permission to enter onto your property to view the violation. Please provide a valid telephone number or email address so that we may follow-up for the permission. Your prompt response will enable us to inspect for the violation without further delay

Last Updated: 08/22/2012

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