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Midtown District Pairs with CUNA Mutual for Training

February 28, 2019 4:30 PM

Each year around November Sergeants and Officers have the opportunity to pick their assignment for the upcoming year.  This includes the shift, beat, and day off rotation they will work.  It is based on seniority so "pick" is a relative term the less seniority you have...

While command staff move to their new assignments the first of the year, Sergeants and Officers make their move mid-February.  This typically coincides with the recruits going to solo patrol.  We say goodbye to those we have worked with for the last year and are now moving to a new district.  We welcome those that have made the excellent choice of working in the Midtown District. 

Following the big shift shuffle, each district holds an in-service to include all district personnel.  It provides an opportunity for the entire district to spend some time getting to know each other, see every shift and assignment, hear messages from the Chief and Captain, and do some training of the district's choice.

With active shooters all too common place, Midtown chose to pair up with staff from CUNA Mutual for this year's training.  These were scenario based trainings in which CUNA Mutual security staff were an active part.  This allowed both MPD and CUNA to work together and determine steps each need to take to compliment each other further.  Should that day happen in which we are working hand and hand, this training will allow us to be as prepared as we can be when facing the unknown.

NBC spent some time with us, follow their link below.  A huge thank you to our partners at CUNA Mutual for making this training a reality!


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