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Midvale Crosswalk Near Yuma

April 18, 2019 2:24 PM

Many questions have come up regarding the bike/crosswalk with overhead lights on Midvale Blvd near Yuma. 

  • Who has to stop?
  • What about the small stop sign on the bike path? 
  • What does "a person riding a bike in a manner which is consistent with the safe use of the crosswalk by pedestrians" mean?

This is considered a crosswalk at an uncontrolled intersection. 

  • What does that means for vehicular traffic?  Those entering and in the crosswalk have the right of way. 
  • What does that mean for pedestrians and bicyclists?  You have to show intent to cross the roadway to signal for traffic to yield.  This can occur by pushing the button which causes the lights to flash or stepping off the curb to continue your travels. 
  • When is the pedestrian or bicyclists potentially in the wrong?  As a pedestrian, if you make sudden movement into the roadway, which doesn't give motorists the opportunity to see you and stop, you could be at fault.  As a bicyclist, you must always be moving at a slow enough pace to, again, allow for motorists to see you and stop.  This is the "bike in a manner which is consistent with the safe use of the crosswalk by pedestrians".  Bolting into the roadway could potentially find you at fault but will also probably hurt.
  • Why don't the bicyclists have to stop for the mini stop sign?  Because it's a mini stop sign, therefore it is not official.
  • Why don't the police enforce the mini stop sign?  The bicyclists still have the right of way, the stop sign is not official, and law enforcement can only enforce traffic laws on public roadways.  (With the exception of Hit and Run, OMVWI, Reckless Driving, and Driving over a Fire Hose.)

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