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Burglaries, Theft from Autos, Theft of Autos

July 8, 2019 1:18 PM

We are, again, seeing an increase in burglaries, theft from autos, and theft of autos in the Midtown District.  These are not specific to one area but all throughout the district!

The trends we are seeing:


  • Items taken from open garages while people are working in the yard (front or back) or inside the house
  • Homes being entered while residents are home, many times sleeping, through an unlocked door
  • Homes being entered through an unlocked door while residents are away
  • Home video cameras show people checking common locations in which extra keys are placed: top of door frames, under rocks, etc
  •  Entry into underground parking facilities to target cars or storage units

     Theft from Autos:

  • Unlocked vehicles being rifled through and items taken
  • Locked vehicles having car windows smashed out to take items of value that are in plain view
  • Vehicles in underground parking garages targeted under same circumstances as above

     Theft of Autos:

  • Vehicles are stolen when keys are left inside the vehicle
  • When entry is made to the home, the burglars take keys and steal the car

If you have push button start, leave your keys in the house and try to start the car.  If it starts, there is a valet key tucked away somewhere in the vehicle.  This needs to be found and removed from the car.

If you keep your car/house keys on key hooks inside the door or in a basket near a door, consider moving them somewhere out of sight.


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