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Midtown District Blotter

Traffic Enforcement - Beltline

March 21, 2019 3:55 PM

On Wednesday, 03/20/19, TEST did a spontaneous project with Midtown CPT officers enforcing speeding violations in the midtown section of the beltline.  Roughly every 2 to 5 minutes we sent an officer after a violation of 74 mph or higher (19 mph or over).

LOCATION: USH 12 WB at Whitney Way

Time Frame: 10:30A to 1:00P (2.5 HOURS)

Number of Stop Officers: 7 (3 TEST / 4 CPT)

Number of Traffic Stops Made: 28

Highest Speed: 84 MPH (29 Over)

Lowest Speed that we stopped (stopped, not observed): 74 MPH (19 Over)

There were lots of vehicles doing 70 mph plus however, in an attempt to conserve our resources for the faster violators, we only sent our officers after vehicles traveling 19 mph or over the speed limit.

Slow down!!!


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