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Midtown District Blotter

November Crime Information

December 13, 2019 9:33 AM

Midtown Crime Summary

November 2019

Hello Midtown!

I recently received some feedback from community members who asked to get more information about crime information and trends in the district.  Below is my effort to provide some data. 

If you find this information useful or helpful, please let me know!  When possible, I may throw in a few safety tips along the way.




SHOTS FIRED:  All numbers provided follow MPD's protocol for determining founded shots-fired incidents

Year to date (YTD), overall shots fired city-wide are down 24.4% from 2018

In November of 2019, there were 9 shots fired city wide; there were NO shots fired in Midtown


ROBBERIES:  Include robberies where weapon was observed, threatened, or not involved

YTD, there have been 217 robberies city-wide and 24 of those robberies occurred in November

In November of 2018 and 2019, 4 robberies occurred in the Midtown district

59% of robberies occurred between 6pm and 3 am



YTD, there have been 941 burglaries in Madison

In November of 2018 there were 16 burglaries in Midtown; in 2019 there were 18

More burglaries occur on Saturday than any other day

SAFTEY TIPS:  Keep the doors to your house, garage, and car locked!  Consider motion lights, security systems, and video.  If you come home and believe your residence has been burglarized, do not go in--call 911 so officers can make sure it is safe.



Of 222 overdoses so far in 2019, 12 occurred in November

Total reported overdoses are down 15.9% from 2018

There was one reported overdose in Midtown in November of both 2018 and 2019


YTD there have been 379 stolen autos citywide; there were 385 through November of 2018

Citywide in November there were 36 in 2019 and 41 in 2018

In November of 2019 there were 7 reported stolen autos in Midtown

33 of 36 stolen autos either had the keys in the car or easily accessible

SAFETY TIPS:  Keep your car doors locked.  Do not leave your keys anywhere in the vehicle.  Do warm your car up and leave the vehicle unlocked and/or unattended



YTD there have been 1054 theft from autos (TFA) citywide which is down 13% from 2018

Citywide for November of 2019 there were 58 TFA's; in 2018 it was 84

Midtown had 19 TFA in November of 2019 and 23 in November of 2018


YTD there have been 43 stranger assaults; there were 45 through November of 2018

There were no reported stranger assaults in Midtown in November of 2019; there was 1 in November of 2018

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