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Move Over Campaign

April 8, 2019 9:57 AM

Move Over Traffic Campaign

Below are results of the project:

Time Frame: 2 ½ Hours (10:30A to 1:00P)

Number of Traffic Stops Made Specifically for vehicles in violation of the Passing a Stopped  Emergency Vehicle (346.072) without changing lanes or reducing speed when unable to change lanes: 33

Number (out of the 33 total stops) of Vehicles in Violation of Statute Because the lane furthest from the motor vehicle was available and they failed to change lanes:25

Number of Vehicles that were unable to safely change lanes due to the lane adjacent to them being occupied and failed to reduce their speed below 55 MPH:8

All contacts on today's date resulted in written traffic warnings and officers educating drivers.

The Madison Police Department Traffic Enforcement Safety Team would like to thank the local media for their attention to this very important issue concerning the safety of our local Emergency Services Employees, Highway Maintenance Employees and members of the community.


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