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Midtown District Blotter

Traffic Enforcement in Midtown District

June 18, 2021 10:27 AM


On Wednesday 6/16 a traffic project was done from 2pm-6pm in the 6000 block of University Ave.  This location was selected as this area parallels a heavily used bike path, is at an uncontrolled crosswalk and is just west of several uncontrolled crosswalks.  Addressing hazardous driving is a critical component of our Midtown Strategic Plan.  My thanks to the officers, led by TEST Officer Wipperfurth, who worked this assignment.




TOTAL NUMBER OF TRAFFIC STOPS: 31 Attempts made to stop with 28 vehicles actually stopped.  3 attempts were unsuccessful due to heavy traffic and the inability of the officers to catch up to the vehicles.


Lowest Speed Stopped: 50 MPH (15 over)

HIGHTEST SPEED OF VEHICLE OBSERVED: 4 vehicles in excess of 70 mph (3 going the opposite direction).


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 1 Citation issued for failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk. 

As always, please report traffic complaints to:


Drive carefully, watch your speed, and be safe.


Thank you,


Captain Freedman

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