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Building Inspection is open to the public by appointment only.

For more on appointments and other services, please see the Building Inspection Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

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Obtaining a Zoning Tourist Rooming House Permit (ZTRHP1)

Download the permit application packet. Review materials and complete all required forms.


  • Apply online:
  1. To apply online you need digital versions of all required attachments found in the packet. This includes a notarized signature on form ZTRHP1-B.

  2. If you do not have one already, create an account on the City of Madison Licenses & Permits portal.
  3. Login or create an account. After logging in, go to Permitting, then select Apply for a Permit. Then select Tourist Rooming House ZTRHP1 Permit


  • Submit completed PDF application by mail, email, or at Zoning Counter:
  1. Complete all required forms before submitting and keep copies for your records. Do not send materials individually as this will cause a delay. We do not review incomplete submittals.
  2. Submit all items below together as a complete packet, including:
  • ZTRHP1-A: Application. Completed application requires the following:
  • ZTRHP1-B Residence Affidavit. Separate form for each host & cohost, signed and notarized. Free notary services available at City Clerk’s Office, by appointment at City Zoning. Legal and financial centers also provide notary services.
  • ZTRHP1-C: Condo Association Approval (Condos only). Must explicitly state TRH operation is allowed in this unit.
  • ZTRHP1-D: Advertising Locations. Listing of all websites and places where operator has previously advertised their TRH. Listing of places operator intends to advertise in the upcoming year.
  • ZTRHP1-E Guest Registry. Template or sample of your Guest Registry pages. If this TRH has been rented in the past, include all past rentals.
  • ZTRHP1-F Floor plans. The entire TRH dwelling unit, showing all habitable space within dwelling unit. Label and number all bedrooms.
  • ZTRHP1-G: Notice to property owner (Tenants only). Describes the TRH operation and maximum number of guests allowed. Also describes how the operation will meet zoning code rules.
  • ZTRHP1-G Lease Attachment (Tenants only). Copy of lease which explicitly states TRH operation is allowed in this unit.
  • Application Fee. $100 application fee (not refundable). Make checks payable to "City Treasurer." Mail, email or in-person with a Zoning Review Counter appointment.  
  1. City Building Inspection staff will review your application. Staff will schedule a home visit if application is approvable.
  2. After the home visit is approved, staff will notify you that ZTRHP permit is ready to be issued. Submit $100 for the annual permit fee to Zoning. Make checks payable to "City Treasurer."
  3. Once we receive payment, the permit will be emailed to you. When you receive your permit, you may begin advertising your TRH. Make sure to post your permit number on all ads.
Last Updated: 10/26/2021

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Permit & License Required

Currently, all TRH operators must have a valid TRH license from Public Health before advertising or renting out any short-term rental. As of 10/1/20, all operators must also have a valid Zoning Tourist Rooming House Permit (ZTRHP).


Remember - If you are unsure, ask the Zoning Staff

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