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Announcing MPD's 57th Graduating Class

June 22, 2015 1:18 PM

On Friday, June the 26th, fourteen probationary police officers will graduate from our Department's Pre-Service Academy. This will be the 57th Graduating Class from the Madison Police Department.


The Madison Police Department is a progressive, diverse agency committed to the philosophy of community policing and problem solving, working with both internal and external stakeholders.  The fourteen officers graduating this week were ultimately selected following a rigorous hiring process because we believed they reflected these ideals and the core values of our agency and the City of Madison.


These probationary police officers were sworn into their assignments way back on September 15, 2014.  Since that time they have undergone over five months of classroom and scenario-based exercises, which translates to 848 hours. Our Pre-service Academy, which is among the most comprehensive training in the Nation, included topics such as Constitutional law, ethics, report writing, professional communications, cultural competence, tactical skills, emergency vehicle operations, critical thinking and problem solving, investigations, and first aid, to name just a few.  In addition to the classroom training, our probationary police officers experienced thirteen weeks of on the job "hands-on" training conducted under the mindful supervision, coaching, and mentoring of an experienced and qualified Field Training Officers.

Although our initial expectations of these recruits while in the Academy were high, our expectations now are even greater as they have been placed into solo patrol assignments. More than ever, this profession is subject to intense scrutiny whenever they respond to a call for service. Madisonians and visitors to our City have come to expect a personalized, "premium" level of service.  We accept this challenge, as we are proud of our training and our personnel.  Enforcing the law is only a fraction of the various job dimensions required of police practitioners. The rest of the job involves social work, crisis intervention, mediation and collaboration in order to arrive at the best possible resolution(s).

We are proud of these women and men who have heard the calling to serve and we are confident in their abilities as they police with our community. Please welcome the 57th Graduating Class of the Madison Police Department.  The class includes officers:


Eric Kwasi Appiah

Natalie G. Deibel

Michael T. Eckhardt

James C. Imoehl

Lindsay C. Kamnetz                         

Michael Malloy

Tieranie A. Marchant

Justin K. Nelsen

Alexander L. Pfeil

Anna M. Schmidt

Daniel J. Sherrick

Sarah C. Skoug

Lore Vang

Tyrone Cratic Williams

Posted by: Chief Koval

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