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MPD Daily Significant Calls for 08/01/2017 to 08/02/2017

August 2, 2017 9:50 AM

From 5:30am on 08/01/2017 through 5:30am on 08/02/2017, MPD received 500 calls for service. This number does not include parking complaints or 911 misdials.


1) NORTH:  Overdose - 6:42am. Officers were sent to the 2600 block of Coolidge St. for a pulseless non-breathing (PNB) subject. Upon arrival, officers were told by the caller that the suspect (WM, 24yo) had a drug addiction history. Officers on scene administered two doses of naloxone and performed CCR, which revived him. The suspect was conveyed to a local hospital where he was treated further and later taken to Dane County Jail on a drug charge and Probation & Parole hold.

2) NORTH:  Disturbance - 10:28am. Officers were sent to an apartment in the 1900 block of Londonderry Dr. where the complainant (WM, 58yo) called regarding a subject (AAM, 56yo) making threats with a knife. Upon arrival, officers located the men in question, reviewed on-site security video, and determined that the original caller was the antagonist and that no knife was involved. Officers were able to successfully de-escalate the situation and come to a resolution between the men and their apartment management.

3) WEST:  Conveyance Mental Health - 12:05pm. Officers were sent to the 6700 block of Schroeder Rd for a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers were directed to an apartment where they located a subject (AAF, 20yo) who had attempted to hang herself. Officers were able to take her into protective custody, at which point she became combative and had to be placed in restraints for transport to a local hospital. She was evaluated for treatment options and an emergency detention was recommended. She was transported to a Janesville hospital starting at 8:20pm.

**Note from Chief Koval: This case provides a teachable moment for those not entirely familiar with the care and handling of mental illness episodic issues. MPD handles over 300 mental health-related incidents a month. We have our own mental health officers who do nothing but preemption and collaboration with practitioners in finding the least restrictive alternatives and best possible resolutions for individuals who are having difficulties. These are incredibly time and labor intensive calls. It is not unusual for calls to take at least two officers and go from five to 10 hours, particularly where an emergency detention results in taking the client all the way to the Winnebago health facility in Oshkosh.**

4) SOUTH: Domestic Disturbance - 12:32pm. MPD was dispatched to a disturbance between a male and female in the 2900 block of Coho St.  Witnesses called police with information that the victim (AAF, 23yo) was in an active fight with the suspect (AAM, 28yo). The suspect was identified and it was known that he had numerous warrants and could possibly be armed. On duty SWAT officers were called in to assist. Officers were able to talk to the suspect and were able to convince him to exit the building, where he was arrested for the warrants and numerous domestic charges from today's incident.

**Priority calls only in the South District from 1:45pm to 3:00pm**

5) WEST: Assist Outside Agency/Weapons Offense – 4:15pm. Fitchburg PD asked for mutual aid in assisting with a shooting that occurred within their city limits on Anton Dr. MPD officers assisted with a perimeter, K-9 track, and at the hospital.

**Priority calls only in the West and South Districts from 4:42pm to 5:35pm**

6) CENTRAL: Disturbance - 5:23pm. While on routine patrol, a street supervisor came upon an active fight in the 700 block of State St. The two suspects (AAM, 25yo; WM, 33yo) started the disturbance after an exchange of words between the two. The two subjects do not know each other and it appears alcohol was a factor. Both individuals were arrested and taken to the jail.

7) EAST: Disturbance - 6:18pm. Officers were dispatched to the 4200 block of East Towne Blvd for a person who was suspected of carrying a gun and was shouting at the staff of an east side motel. Contact was made with the suspect (WM, 32yo) and it was found that he did not have a weapon. The reporting party became uncooperative and the subject was allowed to leave the area.

8) WEST: Weapons Offense - 10:07pm. MPD was dispatched to several calls of shots fired (three to five shots) in the area of the 4300 block of Britta Parkway. Officers arrived and canvassed the area, locating one residence with a bullet hole in the front door. The single occupant (AAF, 45yo) was contacted and unaware of the bullet that entered her residence. She was not injured. No other damage or casings were located. Investigation continuing.

9) EAST: Check Person - 10:20pm. MPD was dispatched to an intoxicated and unconscious subject (WM, 53yo) in the 3500 block of Sargent Street. Madison Fire/Rescue arrived on scene prior to officers and transported the subject to a local hospital. Officers arrived and located some blood in the location that the subject was lying. The scene was held and documented and officers responded to hospital. Subject is a chronic alcoholic and appears to have suffered an injury to his head, which caused a brain bleed. Nothing suspicious noted at the scene. The subject was transferred to a local hospital and is in critical condition.

10) EAST: Shots Fired - 11:56pm. MPD was dispatched to shots fired in the area of the 800 block of N. Fair Oaks Ave. Two callers reported hearing one gun shot. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate a scene or any evidence.

11) SOUTH: Homicide - 12:16am. MPD was dispatched to the 2700 block of W Beltline Hwy for a "shooting, with someone hit." The caller disconnected after this statement and Dispatch was unable to reach them again. Officers arrive on scene and locate two gunshot victims. One victim (AAM, 33yo) was pulseless and non-breathing and pronounced deceased on scene by MFD paramedics. The second victim (AAM, 29yo) suffered several gunshot wounds from his waist down. The second victim was alert and breathing, but significantly bleeding. Officers applied a tourniquet to one of his legs and were able to stop the profuse bleeding. This second victim was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive at this time. Officers from several districts were needed to respond. Investigation continuing. See incident report for further details and updates.

**Priority calls only from 12:16am to 7:40am**

Posted by: Chief Koval

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