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MPD Daily Significant Calls for 08/02/2017 to 08/03/2017

August 3, 2017 10:34 AM

As a preamble to today's blog, I want to express two words:  "hope" and "unity."  I am greatly encouraged by the collective outpouring of sentiments and actions that reflect our disdain for those who are attempting to lay siege to our community by their selfish, impulsive, reckless, and ruthless acts of senseless gun violence (yesterday's homicide and serious injuries in the lot of the 7-Eleven off Todd Drive was yet another horrific chapter).  Calls to action are reaching a crescendo and are coming from every direction of greater Madison. This is something to behold in the midst of such despair and desperation. As a community, we are coming to a better understanding that this gun violence can no longer be discounted or minimized or compartmentalized given it has affected the entire City and held us all hostage to our fears.

I am appreciative that we have responsible media partners who are willing to put out timely notifications to our community about people the police need to talk to and/or arrest.  This casts a much wider and deeper net of exposure than we could ever hope to muster by our own means.  To those citizens who have called, emailed, texted or networked amongst themselves and passed along information--thank you!  We have managed to gather in two persons in connection with the homicide of Ciara Philumalee--which would not have been possible were it not for an alert citizen who called in a sighting based on having seen media reports and thanks to the timely work of the Dane County Sheriff's Department for their timely intervention.  We also had an off-duty Capital Police Officer (props to Sgt. Andrew Hyatt!) observe yet a third suspect being sought in connection with this homicide; this led to a high speed pursuit and the subsequent arrest of a dangerous individual.  The pursuit traversed several jurisdictions and MPD was assisted by many agencies (Capitol PD, Fitchburg PD, Dane County Sheriff's Department, Monona PD, Town of Madison PD, Stoughton PD, Oregon PD, and Wisconsin State Patrol).  This is yet another example of the benefits we derive from the collaboration of law enforcement officers who share and network intelligence routinely and works to keep all of greater Madison safer.

I have listened to parts of talk shows, attended neighborhood meetings, prayed at vigils, participated in "stop the violence"-themed gatherings and picnics, heard the outrage from our community leaders and clergy, met with elected officials, and everyone is on the same page.; enough is enough!  Madison can and must do better!  While we may differ on "style" points on how best to proceed, it is clear that there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution (the ultimate end-game will have to be a combination of influences).  But we can be unified in substantive matters of the heart.  The gun violence is decimating the City where we live, work, play and raise our families.  Together, we know that there is heavy lifting ahead but the burden is lighter when everyone is lifting together!

And now, today's calls:


From 5:30am on 08/02/2017 to 5:30am on 08/03/2017, MPD received 445 calls for service. This number does not include parking complaints or 911 misdials.

1) EAST: Wanted Person - 7:58am. The complainant called 911 to report that a wanted suspect (AAM, 23yo) was in her home with her daughter (WF, 24yo). The suspect was wanted for four warrants (felony Probation & Parole hold, bail jumping, child support, and theft).  Prior to police arrival, the suspect and the caller's daughter left in a silver Lexus SUV.  The vehicle was spotted westbound on Buckeye at Dondee.  The vehicle ran a red light at Hwy 51 at a high rate of speed.  Police activated lights and siren, but pursuit was terminated at Camden Rd and Ruth St due to the high rate of speed.  The vehicle was last seen southbound on Camden Rd. A probable cause (PC) affidavit will be filed for the suspect for eluding.

2) DANE COUNTY: Arrested Person – 9:26am. Dane County Sheriff's Department made contact with the two persons of interest from the W Karstens Dr homicide at Token Creek Park and took both into custody. MPD responded and assisted.

3) CENTRAL: Disturbance – 2:55pm. Officers responded to the 800 block of E Dayton Street for a male calling 911 saying that there was a suspect (AAM, 45yo) here threatening to fight him and screaming at the caller's tow truck. The victim (WM, 35yo) advised that this same suspect has confronted him in the past. Today, the suspect threatened to beat up the victim, who retreated into his locked tow truck.  The suspect walked off.  Officers arrived on scene and located the suspect.  The suspect was extremely uncooperative and aggressive with officers, who subsequently arrested him on three counts of bail jumping and two counts of disorderly conduct.

4) SOUTH: Conveyance Mental Health – 6:11pm.  Officers were requested to respond to Journey Mental Health Crisis Intervention for a subject deemed in need of an emergency detention after being evaluated by Crisis staff.  Officers placed one suspect (AAF, 30yo) into protective custody and conveyed her to a local hospital for a medical clearance.  Officers then conveyed her to Winnebago Mental Health Institute at approximately 9:15pm.

**Note from Chief Koval: A round trip to Winnebago and an intake is roughly five hours off the street for two officers, at a minimum.**

5) NORTH:   Domestic Disturbance – 6:56pm. Officers were called for a suspect (WF, 32yo) showing up at this address and forcing her way in by pushing the door. The victim (WM, 34yo), who is the suspect's ex-boyfriend, repeatedly told the suspect that she needed to leave and was not welcome. The victim tried to keep the door closed.  However, the suspect barged in and injured the victim.  The two then struggled over a dog that was inside the apartment.  The victim retains the dog and a neighbor intervenes. This caused the suspect to leave the apartment. The neighbor provided a statement to officers. The suspect was booked into jail on charges of domestic battery, disorderly conduct and trespass to dwelling. The dog remained with victim and was not injured.

6) East: Domestic Disturbance - 9:34pm – The suspect (AAM, 33yo) and the victim (AAF, 40yo) got into a disturbance over a television in the basement.  The disturbance escalated to the point where the suspect strangled the victim and held a large kitchen knife near her. The suspect would not come to the door when police arrived, and police forced entry and took the suspect into custody without incident.  The suspect was transported to the hospital after complaining of an injury and then taken to jail. 

7) Central: Arrested Person - 10:40pm – An off-duty Capitol PD officer called in that he observed the suspect from the W Karstens Dr homicide and the suspect's vehicle.  The vehicle left as officers arrived and a stop was initiated, but the vehicle fled.  A pursuit was initiated and continued due to violent history of the suspect.  The pursuit continued towards Oregon, east on Hwy 51, and north on Dyerson, where the vehicle left the road and drove across a marshy property, coming to a stop.  Two suspects were taken into custody, including the homicide suspect, Donald Davis Jr, AAM, 29yo.  He was charged with homicide and eluding. The other suspect (AAM, 64yo) was arrested on resisting and possession with intent to distribute cocaine charges.

8) East: Overdose - 10:42pm – The caller (WM, 36yo) stated that his girlfriend (WF, 36yo) was pulseless and non-breathing (PNB) in the 200 block of Corry St.  MFD responded as well and provided naloxone, which revived her.  The caller admitted he had purchased two Oxycontin pills earlier, cut one in half, and they shared it.  A short time later they did the same to the second one.  He took a cigarette break, and when he returned, his girlfriend was unconscious and not breathing.  She was transported to the hospital. Investigation continuing.

9) West: Weapons Offense Shots Fired - 12:04am - Multiple callers reported hearing five shots somewhere in the Gammon Ln/Park Edge area.  A caller on Connecticut Ct stated that someone had shot at her boyfriend.  Multiple casings were found in the road in the 6800 block of Park Edge Dr.  Two vehicles were located with damage. Investigation continuing.

10) East: Missing Adult – 2:09am. The missing subject (WM, 70yo), with MS and confined to a wheelchair, left his medical facility at 2:00pm on 07/29/2017. He frequents the downtown area, and was formerly without a permanent address, so he was believed to be heading towards the downtown area. The subject was entered into a database for missing and endangered persons, areas were checked, and an attempt to locate (ATL) was aired.  Downtown officers were notified. On 08/03/2017, the subject was located downtown and his welfare was checked. He had returned home previously but MPD was not updated.

11) Central: Check Person - 2:17am - A food delivery person observed a subject (HF, 19yo) standing on the railroad tracks and believed she was intending to harm herself.  Police made contact and observed her to be standing immediately on the tracks, staring straight ahead.  She admitted that she was waiting for a train so she could be struck by it and killed.  She was taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital.

Posted by: Chief Koval

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