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MPD Daily Significant Calls 11/14/2017 to 11/15/2017

November 15, 2017 11:06 AM

From 5:30am on 11/14/2017 through 5:30am on 11/15/2017, MPD received 448 calls for service.  This number does not include parking complaints or 911 misdials.

1) WEST: Conveyance/Mental Health - 11/13 at 7:08pm. A subject (27yo WM) who suffers from numerous mental health disorders ran from his home on Golden Oak Ln. The subject ran into the street, broke a window, and used the glass to try to cut his arms.  He was ultimately taken into custody and transported to a local hospital. An emergency detention was initially contemplated, but after consultation with other mental health professionals, it was decided that the subject should be returned to his home with his case workers.

2) EAST: Burglary-Non-Residential – 6:59am. The manager at a business in the 2900 block of E Washington Ave arrived at work in the morning.  The manager entered the store left the front door unlocked for arriving employees.  As the manager was attending to other matters, a suspect (30yo WM) entered the store and removed a large number of items. Ultimately, the suspect broke a glass case housing cologne, which then prompted the attention of the manager.  The suspect was located at a nearby restaurant and was arrested. Investigation continuing.

3) WEST: Retail Theft - 12:05pm. The suspect (29yo AAF) entered the Home Depot on Verona Rd, took a circular saw. Upon officers' arrival, a data check reflected a warrant for a previous retail theft as well. The suspect was arrested for the warrant and the new retail theft charge.

4) NORTH: Overdose – 1:22pm. Officers were dispatched to the 2400 block of E Mifflin St for a report of a subject (22yo WF) who was pulseless and non-breathing. When officers responded, they found that the subject had been given three doses of naloxone prior to their arrival. Due to lack of cooperation from subjects on scene, no probable cause was developed for an arrest at this time. Investigation continuing.

5) NORTH: Shots Fired – 2:24pm. Officers were dispatched to the 4300 block of Green Ave for a report of shots fired. Several callers reported hearing between four and seven shots. The first caller reported that there were four popping noises and that a window had a bullet hole through it. MPD received a second call from a person who was driving, heard a loud thump, and noted that a bullet hit the car. Officers located several shell casings in the area. There is no reason to believe that the victims were intended targets. Besides the property damage to the occupied home and occupied car, MPD has not been notified of any injuries. Investigation continuing.

6) EAST: Residential Burglary – 3:24pm. Officers were dispatched to Wilton Ct for a residential burglary. The victim (41yo WM) reported that he found the garage door forced open and a locked interior door was forced. The suspect took cash, two handguns, and several dozen rounds of ammunition. A neighbor did report seeing a man (WM) pounding on the door and heard a loud noise, which may have been the forced entry. Investigation continuing.

7) SOUTH: Death Investigation – 5:09pm.  Officers were dispatched to Virginia Ter to check the welfare of a subject in a house where newspapers were piling up outside of the door. The resident (72yo WM) was found to be deceased inside the residence. There was nothing suspicious noted and the ME was called to the scene.

8) NORTH: Shots Fired – 5:14pm. Officers were dispatched to the 3600 block of N Sherman Ave for a report of a shot fired inside of a residence. The caller reported that a known individual/suspect entered the residence and became upset. The suspect (44yo WM) fired one round into the ceiling prior to fleeing the house. No injuries were reported. The suspect eventually turned himself in at the North Police District and was taken to jail.

9) WEST: Residential Burglary – 6:57pm.  Officers were dispatched to Manitowoc Pkwy for a report of a burglary that just occurred. Officers learned that a house-sitter (42yo WF) was inside the residence when she heard the back door open and saw flashlights. She then shouted and the suspects fled. Officers did a K9 track that seemed to end with a vehicle pick-up. Due to security video at the residence, the suspect was subsequently identified by officers and the investigation continuing.

10) WEST: Weapons Offense – 9:16pm. Officers were called to the 1900 block of Prairie Rd for a report of shots fired. Responding officers contacted multiple people at this location and cleared the involved residence, finding no suspects inside.  One person was injured, having reportedly been pistol whipped by the suspects. A gun was fired during the course of this incident, but no one was shot.  This may have been a targeted home invasion/robbery with three suspects entering the house. Investigation continuing.

11) CENTRAL: Disturbance – 1:44am. Officers were called to a bar in the 300 block of North Henry Street for a disturbance.  The suspect (22yo WM), who was intoxicated, had forced his way into the bar when denied entry and then attempted to fight with staff when they removed him.  When police arrived, the suspect was being held down on the ground in front of the business and was bleeding from the nose.  The suspect was taken into custody and an ambulance was requested.  After getting a medical clearance, the suspect was taken to jail.

Posted by: Chief Koval

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