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MPD Daily Significant Calls 03/18/2018 to 03/19/2018

March 19, 2018 10:21 AM

From 5:30 a.m. on 03/18/2018 through 5:30 a.m. on 03/19/2018, MPD received 323 calls for service.  This number does not include parking complaints or 911 misdials.  For purposes of clarification, the following abbreviations are short-hand for race designations: W=White, AA=African American, NA=Native American, H=Hispanic, ME=Middle Eastern, A=Asian, MR=Mixed Race, U=Unknown.  MPD shifts are staggered as follows: 1st detail=7 a.m. to 3 p.m., 2nd detail=12 p.m. to 8 p.m., 3rd detail=3 p.m. to 11 p.m., 4th detail=8 p.m. to 4 a.m., 5th detail=11 p.m. to 7 a.m.


1) NORTH: Traffic Crash - 8:36am. A driver (47yo WM) was heading southbound on N Stoughton Rd near Rieder Rd when he reached for his cell phone, lost control, and rolled his vehicle. The driver was treated at the scene for minor injuries and was cited for inattentive driving.

2) WEST: Domestic Disturbance - 8:58am. Officers responded to the 200 block of Randolph Dr regarding a victim (19yo WF) reporting she had just been knocked out by a suspect (26yo WM). The victim reported that suspect had battered her and choked her, causing her to lose consciousness at one point. The victim had visible injuries. The suspect contacted later in the day and was arrested for domestic strangulation and domestic battery.

3) NORTH: Adult Arrested Person – 9:16am.  Department of Corrections requested that a suspect (23yo WM) be arrested for a violation of his electronic monitoring. The suspect was taken to jail on a probation hold.

4) MIDTOWN: Adult Arrested Person - 9:55am.  Officers were contacted regarding a wanted person (24yo WF) who was about to be discharged from a local hospital. The suspect was taken to jail on multiple warrants. 

5) EAST: Domestic Disturbance - 1:24pm. Officers were dispatched to the 700 Block of Milky Way for a domestic disturbance. Officers learned that a suspect (17yo WM) was arguing with his grandmother about money and broke a chair in the home when he did not get what he wanted. The suspect was arrested for charges of bail jumping and criminal damage to property.

6) CENTRAL: Adult Arrested Person -1:25pm.  Officers responded to the 600 Block of E Johnson St following reports from several witnesses of a subject choking another person inside a vehicle. On scene, the victim (22yo AAM) reported that the suspect (38yo AAF), who is his ex-girlfriend, jumped into his vehicle and demanded money from him. When he refused, the suspect then punched and choked the victim. The victim was able to separate himself from the suspect and did lock himself in the vehicle, at which time the suspect damaged the vehicle with her shoe. Several witnesses corroborated the victim's story. The suspect was located nearby and arrested on charges of strangulation and disorderly conduct.

7) EAST: Intoxicated Driver - 1:26pm. Officers were sent to a hotel in the 3800 block of E Washington Ave for a report of a reckless and possibly intoxicated driver in the parking lot. The driver (30yo WM) was contacted and signs of recent drug use were noticed by the officers. The suspect failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while impaired-2nd offense and possession of drug paraphernalia.

8) MIDTOWN: Death Investigation - 3:21pm. Officers responded to a residential address on the west side of Madison with MFD for a report of a deceased subject who apparently committed suicide. Lifesaving measures were attempted but the subject was pronounced deceased at the scene.

9) EAST: Disturbance - 3:33pm. Officers responded to Ziegler Road for a subject (33yo WF) who was threatening self-harm with a piece of glass. The subject was taken to a local hospital, where social workers determined there were insufficient grounds for an emergency detention. The subject was ultimately returned to her residence following a medical evaluation.

10) NORTH: Sexual Assault of a Child/Threats Complaint - 4:40pm. Officers responded to a restaurant in the 4100 block of E Washington Ave for a victim (17yo HF) who reported that a suspect (36yo HM) was harassing her about getting back in a relationship with him. The victim reported she had been in a physical relationship with the suspect when she 16yo. Recently, the suspect had been sending threatening and sexually explicit messages to the victim by phone. Investigation continuing.

11) EAST: Domestic Disturbance – 7:03pm. Officers responded to a residence in the 1700 block of Blossom Ln for a report of a disturbance. Officers learned that the suspect (35yo WM) was having a verbal confrontation with one of his girlfriend's children when the girlfriend (34yo WF) interceded, leading to a physical struggle between the two adults. The suspect was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and transported to the Dane County Jail.

12) CENTRAL: Domestic Disturbance – 10:08pm. Officers responded to the 1000 block of Williamson St following a report of a subject who had just committed battery and was also armed with a box cutter. Officers learned that the suspect (52yo AAF) confronted the victim (29yo WF) over money allegedly owed by the victim. The suspect battered the victim, causing the victim's friend (48yo HM) to intervene. The victim's friend then sustained a laceration on his face, possibly as a result of the box cutter the suspect reportedly had. The suspect was arrested on a charge of domestic battery and taken to jail.

13) MIDTOWN: Domestic Disturbance - 2:11am. Officers responded to N Allen St for a report of a subject who had physically attacked her roommate. The victim (41yo WM) reported that the suspect (40yo WF) had been making suicidal statements and then attempted to batter the victim when he confronted her about this. The suspect, who is under a Chapter 51 commitment order, was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and a probation hold and taken to jail. Journey Mental Health will follow up.

14) NORTH: Shots Fired – 2:15am. Officers responded to the area of Morrow Ct for a single report of gunshots. Officers checked the area but did not locate any evidence of shots fired. The complainant declined to take contact from investigating officers.

15) MIDTOWN: Theft from Auto – 2:43am. Officers responded to N Spooner St for a report of two suspects entering a neighbor's vehicle. Witnesses provided good descriptions of the suspects, who were eventually located in the Monroe St and Regent St area. One suspect (31yo AAM) was cited for municipal unlawful trespass to vehicle without consent. There was insufficient evidence at this time to develop charges for the second suspect.

16) SOUTH: Battery – 3:00am. Officers were dispatched to the 900 block of Magnolia Ln for a report of a disturbance. Officers learned that the suspect (43yo HM) had made unwanted sexual contact with the victim (48yo AM), who was living with the suspect on a temporary basis. The suspect then battered the victim. The suspect was arrested for 4th degree sexual assault and battery.

17) CENTRAL: Check Person – 3:14am. Officers responded to a health clinic in the downtown area a potential suicidal subject. The subject (52yo WF), who had a history of suicidal ideations, had left a message for staff and could not be reached by phone anymore. The subject was eventually contacted at her residence and taken into protective custody. She was transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

18) WEST: Domestic Disturbance – 3:34am. Officers responded to the 200 block of Junction Rd for a report of a disturbance. Officers contacted the victim (38yo WF), who reported that the suspect (35yo AAM), her boyfriend, had come home intoxicated, which led to an argument. The argument eventually became physical, resulting in the suspect punching and pushing the victim down some stairs. The suspect was arrested for domestic battery and domestic disorderly conduct.

Posted by: Chief Koval

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