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May 31, 2020 3:19 AM

Saturday, a large group gathered on the State Capital grounds to advocate for justice for George Floyd.  The group marched down East Washington Avenue, to Williamson Street, before returning to the Capital grounds.  Officers blocked traffic and ensured that the group could express themselves safely. 

At about 4:30pm, the demonstration ended and the crowd began dispersing.  A group of around 150 remained in the area, and began damaging property.  The group damaged vehicles and broke windows as they moved to the State Street area.  There, the group began breaking business windows and attempting entry to a jewelry store.  MPD officers responded and ordered the group to disperse.  Chemical agents were utilized as officers attempted to move the crowd from the area.

Over the course of the evening, officers continued efforts to maintain order, preserve public safety and prevent looting.  Mutual aid from surrounding agencies was requested to provide additional support to MPD personnel.  Throughout the evening:

  • Approximately 75 businesses on State Street were damaged and/or looted.
  • One MPD squad was broken into, driven a short distance and then set on fire.  The vehicle was a complete loss.  Two rifles were stolen from the vehicle before it was destroyed. Several other squads sustained damage.
  • Throughout the night officers were pelted with hard objects, including rocks, bottles and chairs. One officer was injured; many were struck by objects and avoided serious injury due to protective equipment.
  • The MPD armored rescue vehicle was hit by a bullet.
  • Multiple small fires were set and extinguished in the area.
  • A number of businesses in other parts of the City were also looted, including both East Towne and West Towne malls.
  • Three arrests were made; MPD will be working to identify, arrest and prosecute others who engaged in acts of violence, property damage, looting or theft.

MPD remains committed to protecting community members' First Amendment rights.  However, violence and property damage will not be tolerated.

Posted by: Chief Wahl

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