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City-Wide Notable Calls

MPD Notable Calls 05/14/2021 to 05/17/2021

May 17, 2021 9:39 AM


The information provided below about some of the calls officers responded to (Friday morning to Monday morning) is derived from notes provided by MPD Officers-In-Charge (OIC) at the end of their shifts. Most narratives represent early and preliminary information that was gathered by an OIC from those in the field who were actively working cases. The OIC is sharing what they were being told, in the moment. In many instances, facts and circumstances, even the type of crime listed, can change as officers, detectives and investigators continue their work.

From 6:00 a.m. on 05/14/2021 through 6:00 a.m. on 05/17/2021, MPD received 1,216 calls for service.  This number does not include parking complaints or 911 misdials.  A breakdown of the calls for service per district is as follows: Central (221),East (274), Midtown (181), North (190), South (118), West (160), and Other (72).  "Other" is used for calls that either do not have a sector or the sector is not in the City.  This would be used in the case of one of our officers assisting another law enforcement agency.


Priority calls only from 7:13 p.m. to 7:59 p.m. due to calls for service. 

NORTH: Stolen Vehicle – 7:18 a.m.  The victim reported his vehicle was stolen from the street while he was visiting a friend.  Attempt to locate aired.  The vehicle was listed as stolen in the appropriate databases. 

CENTRAL: Drug Overdose – 7:50 a.m.  Officers responded to the Salvation Army, 630 E Washington Ave, for a subject (30-year-old female) who had overdosed.  MFD paramedics revived the subject with naloxone and conveyed her to the hospital. 

WEST: Death Investigation – 7:55 a.m.  The Medical Examiner's office contacted police to report that a subject had arrived at a local hospital with severe head trauma and he was not expected to survive.  It was determined the subject most likely sustained his injuries when he fell off a porch.  Investigation continuing.

MIDTOWN: Residential Burglary – 8:54 a.m.  The victim reported an unidentified suspect entered his garage sometime overnight.  The suspect did not enter the residence and did not steal anything.

NORTH: Adult Arrested Person – 10:53 a.m.  An employee at Kwik Trip, 1625 N Stoughton Rd, reported a suspect was at the store in a stolen vehicle.  Officers stopped the vehicle and arrested the driver/suspect (41-year-old male) on a warrant.

SOUTH: Sexual Assault – 11:20 a.m.  A victim reported a known suspect (24-year-old male) sexually assaulted her while displaying a handgun several months ago.  Investigation continuing.

EAST: Runaway Juvenile – 12:05 p.m.  A mother reported her 11-year-old son ran away from home.  The juvenile was later located and returned home.

CENTRAL: Threats Complaint – 2:55 p.m.  The suspect sent an email threatening to harm employees at a company after the suspect's account with the company was banned.  The suspect has not been positively identified.  Investigation continuing.

SOUTH: Recovered Stolen Vehicle – 3:38 p.m.  Officers recovered a vehicle stolen from a dealership in Kentucky.

WEST: Missing Juvenile – 3:42 p.m.  A family member reported she was unable to find her 3-year-old granddaughter after last seeing her playing in the yard at the residence.  A neighbor soon located the juvenile who was reunited with her grandma.

EAST: Traffic Incident – 3:43 p.m.  A semi was disabled in the middle lane of the eastbound beltline for approximately three hours.  The incident resulted in multiple crashes and significant traffic backups.

EAST: Mental Health Conveyance – 5:31 p.m.  Officers responded to a residence where a subject was experiencing a mental health crisis.  The subject was under a Chapter 51 commitment and therefore was placed into protective custody and transported to Winnebago.

EAST: Disturbance – 6:13 p.m.  Staff at Barriques, 2166 Atwood Ave, reported that the suspect (44-year-old male) had been asked to leave the store but was refusing.  The suspect then left the store and walked in traffic, kicking and punching signs.  Officers arrested the suspect and transported him to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries.  The suspect was cited for resisting arrest and left in the care of hospital staff.

SOUTH: Death Investigation – 10:13 p.m.   The wife of a subject (60-year-old male) discovered him down in the residence.  The cause of death was determined to be most likely a drug overdose.  Nothing suspicious on scene.

CENTRAL: Mental Health Conveyance – 10:24 p.m.  Officers transported a patient from a local hospital to Winnebago.


Priority calls only from 10:54 a.m. to 11:52 a.m. due to calls for service.

Priority calls only from 7:19 p.m. to 8:35 p.m. due to calls for service.

NORTH: Child Neglect – 12:57 a.m.  A neighbor found a child outside alone in her pajamas.  Officers responded and checked the apartment where the child was believed to reside.  Officers discovered another child asleep in the apartment with no adult present.  Officers contacted the children's mother who reported that she left the children in their father's care.  Officers were unable to make contact with the father.  CPS was notified.

WEST: Domestic Disturbance – 1:08 a.m.  The victim reported that during an argument, the suspect (27-year-old male) grabbed her around the neck and took her phone.  Officers arrested the suspect and charged him with domestic disorderly conduct and intimidation of a victim.

MIDTOWN: Non-Residential Burglary – 3:56 a.m.  Officers responded to an alarm at Spirit gas station, 2801 University Ave, where it appeared the suspect(s) forced entry through a side door.  Investigation continuing.

CENTRAL: Adult Arrested Person – 7:30 a.m.  Officers located a wanted suspect (37-year-old female) and transported her to Dane County jail.

MIDTOWN: Check Person – 9:08 a.m.  Officers were dispatched to make contact with a subject (22-year-old male) who was reportedly suicidal and armed with a rifle.  Upon making contact, officers determined the subject was not, in fact, suicidal but was in possession of a rifle for which he had a concealed carry permit and which was stored safely in a case.

EAST: Runaway Juvenile – 10:52 a.m.  A mother reported her 14-year-old daughter ran away from home.  Attempt to locate aired.  The juvenile was listed as missing/runaway in the appropriate databases.  **Juvenile located. 

EAST: Domestic Disturbance – 12:13 p.m.  Officers responded to a residence (200 block of Cottage Grove Rd) for a disturbance involving a 64-year-old male suspect.  The suspect was arrested/charged with domestic disorderly conduct. 

MIDTOWN: Retail Theft – 2:20 p.m.  Officers responded to Home Depot on Verona Rd for two suspects attempting to steal merchandise.  The suspects left in a vehicle.  A traffic stop was conducted.  Both suspects (38-year-old male and 41-year-old female) were arrested/charged with felony retail theft. 

NORTH: Check Person – 5:49 p.m.  Officers received a request to locate/check on a subject.  The subject was located and conveyed to a local hospital for a medical clearance.  Journey Mental Health plugged in.  Final destination pending.

NORTH: Death Investigation – 7:41 p.m.  Officers responded to a residence for a deceased subject (66-year-old female).  Medical Examiner's office responded. Nothing suspicious observed. 

EAST: Sexual Assault of a Child – 10:12 p.m.  Officers met with a juvenile victim and their parent at a local hospital for a sexual assault of a child report.  The juvenile reported having an intimate relationship with a known adult subject/suspect.  Investigation continuing. 

NORTH: Check Person – 10:35 p.m.  Officers responded to Wright St for a report of a disturbance with a female screaming for help.  No involved subjects located on scene.  Phone contact made with a female subject who denied needing any assistance.  After several attempts to get more information officers disengaged. 

CENTRAL: Aggravated/Substantial Battery – 11:22 p.m.  Officers responded to a disturbance that occurred on N. Francis Street.  The victim was pushed by a suspect which resulted in the victim falling and sustaining injuries (broken teeth, scrapes and abrasions).  The suspect was not located.  Probable cause developed to arrest/charge the suspect. 

CENTRAL: 911 Nuisance Calls – 11:40 p.m.  A known suspect called 911 numerous times and made threats to law enforcement.  Probable cause developed.  Suspect at-large.


NORTH: Domestic Disturbance – 12:10 a.m.  Officers responded to a disturbance involving a 41-year-old male suspect.  The suspect was not on scene when officers arrived.  Probable cause developed to arrest/charge the suspect. 

EAST: Domestic Disturbance – 2:03 a.m.  Officers responded to a report of a disturbance in the parking lot of Ho Chunk.  The victim sustained visible injuries.  The suspect (40-year-old male) was arrested/charged with domestic battery and obstructing. 

CENTRAL: Crash – 2:09 a.m.  Officers responded to a crash in the 300 block of John Nolen Drive.  The driver reported that the passenger grabbed/yanked the wheel which resulted in the crash.  Minor injuries sustained.  The passenger was conveyed to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.  Final outcome pending.

EAST: Check Property – 7:25 a.m.  Officers responded to a residence (apt complex) at the request of the caller who reported hearing a loud noise the night before and observed damage to the door to the residence.  Residence cleared.  No subjects located.  Attempt to locate aired for the resident.  Investigation continuing.  **The resident was later listed as missing in the appropriate databases.     

EAST: Recovered Stolen Vehicle – 7:36 a.m.  A stolen vehicle was located/recovered in the 300 block of S. Walbridge Ave. 

CENTRAL: Check Area – 7:52 a.m.  Officers received a report that the caller had a gun pointed at her by an unknown male subject in a vehicle near John Nolen Dr/North Shore Dr.  Investigation continuing.   

CENTRAL: Adult Arrested Person – 9:24 a.m.  Officers responded to the Beacon for a subject/suspect (40-year-old female) refusing to leave the premises.  Officers arrived and attempted to convince the suspect to leave but she continued to refuse.  The suspect was arrested for trespassing.  During the arrest the suspect kicked and spit at officers.  The suspect was charged with battery to law enforcement (3 counts), discharging bodily fluids at law enforcement (3 counts) and resisting. 

EAST: Recovered Stolen Vehicle – 11:13 a.m.  A stolen vehicle was located/recovered in the area of Great Gray Dr/Owl Creek Dr. 

EAST: Theft – 4:35 p.m.  Officers responded to a hotel on East Towne Blvd for a theft complaint involving a 20-year-old male suspect.  The suspect went into a vehicle belonging to a pizza delivery driver and stole a purse.  The purse was located/recovered with money missing.  The suspect was located and contacted.  The suspect

WEST: Suspicious Person/Vehicle – 5:00 p.m.  Officers responded to the area of Gammon Rd/Schroeder Rd for a report of a suspicious male subject in a vehicle who asked a subject if they wanted a ride.  Areas checked.  Suspect/vehicle not located.   

SOUTH: Found Property – 5:07 p.m.  A handgun was located/recovered on John Nolen Drive. 

NORTH: Sexual Assault – 5:19 p.m.  Officers responded, along with MFD, to a hotel on Hayes Rd for a subject experiencing a drug overdose.  The subject reported being sexually assaulted.  Investigation continuing. 

WEST: Crash – 6:59 p.m.  Officers responded to a rollover crash at Randolph Dr/Tree Lane.  Witnesses observed subjects from the vehicle run from the scene.  An unoccupied (rolled) vehicle was located and identified as striking an unattended parked vehicle.  Registered owner of the vehicle contacted who advised the vehicle had been parked at a business for sale.  No known injuries.  Investigation continuing. 

EAST: Sexual Assault of a Child – 9:55 p.m.   Officers took a sexual assault of a child report.  Suspect is known to the family.  The victim no longer has access to the suspect.  Child Protective Services notified.  Safety plan developed.  Investigation continuing. 

SOUTH: Sexual Assault of a Child – 11:35 p.m.  Officers responded to a residence and met with a parent and juvenile for a sexual assault of a child report.  Suspect is known to the victim.  Investigation continuing. 


EAST: Check Property – 4:47 a.m.  Officers responded to East Washington Ave/North Marquette St for multiple reports of shots fired.  Area canvassed.  Spent casings and a vehicle struck by gunfire located.  No reported injuries.  Incident Report on MPD's website completed. 

Posted by: Chief Barnes

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