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City-Wide Notable Calls

MPD Notable Calls 05/27/2021 to 05/28/2021

May 28, 2021 8:24 AM

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The information provided below about some of the calls officers responded to is derived from notes provided by MPD Officers-In-Charge (OIC) at the end of their shifts. Most narratives represent early and preliminary information that was gathered by an OIC from those in the field who were actively working cases. The OIC is sharing what they were being told, in the moment. In many instances, facts and circumstances, even the type of crime listed, can change as officers, detectives and investigators continue their work.

From 6:00 a.m. on 05/27/2021 through 6:00 a.m. on 05/28/2021, MPD received 379 calls for service.  This number does not include parking complaints or 911 misdials.  A breakdown of the calls for service per district is as follows: Central (51), East (75), Midtown (54), North (56), South (38), West (53), and Other (52).  "Other" is used for calls that either do not have a sector or the sector is not in the City.  This would be used in the case of one of our officers assisting another law enforcement agency.  


SOUTH: Residential Burglary – 5:26 am.  Several suspects gained access to a vehicle parked in a driveway where they retrieved a garage door opener.  The suspects entered the garage using the garage door opener and from there gained access to the attached residence.  Multiple items were stolen from the home.  Investigation continuing. (This was a late call that did not make the previous 24-hour cycle.)

NORTH: Information – 5:30 am.  Officers investigated a report of possible sexual assault of a teenaged juvenile.  Officers were unable to substantiate any charges.  (This was a late call that did not make the previous 24-hour cycle.)

WEST: Residential Burglary – 6:39 am.  The suspects entered an unlocked vehicle in the driveway and retrieved a garage door opener.  The suspects used the garage door opener to enter the garage and the attached home.  The suspects stole a vehicle and multiple items from the home.  An ATL was aired and the vehicle was entered as stolen.

EAST: Residential Burglary – 6:40 am.  The victims reported the suspects entered their home and stole various items as well as two vehicles, both of which were later recovered.  

WEST: Residential Burglary – 6:43 am.  The suspects entered an apartment from a second floor balcony and stole a set of keys from the residence.  The suspects then stole the associated vehicle from where it was parked on the street.  The vehicle was later located and returned to its owner.

CENTRAL: Adult Arrested Person – 2:45 pm.  Officers patrolling State St observed a wanted suspect (36-year-old male) and took him into custody on multiple warrants.

NORTH: Adult Arrested Person – 3:39 pm.  Officers responded to N First St for a report of a suspect (44-year-old male) possibly passed out in a vehicle.  Officers determined the suspect had multiple warrants for his arrest and during a search, located methamphetamine in the car.  The suspect was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine.

NORTH: Domestic Disturbance – 9:25 pm.  Officers responded to a residence where family members were arguing over a phone.  The suspect (26-year-old male) screamed at and threatened the victim after the victim retreated to a bedroom.  The suspect was arrested and charged with domestic disorderly conduct.

MIDTOWN: Check Person – 10:11 pm.  Family members requested that police check the welfare of a subject (45-year-old male).  Officers confirmed that the subject was safe and did not need police assistance.

WEST: Check Person – 11:52 pm.  Officers placed a subject (17-year-old male) into protective custody and made arrangements for the subject to be transported to WMHI.


MIDTOWN: Domestic Disturbance – 1:52 am.  During an argument between roommates, the suspect (22-year-old female) threw an ashtray at one of the victims and pulled her hair.  The suspect then threw a second victim to the ground.  The suspect was arrested and charged with domestic battery and disorderly conduct.

CENTRAL: Missing Adult – 2:16 am.  Family members reported a subject (89-year-old male) missing from their home.  The subject was found at a nearby residence and returned home. 

Posted by: Chief Barnes

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