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MPD's 2014 Pre-Service Academy

September 15, 2014 2:14 PM

The Madison Police Department is proud to announce that the 2014 Pre-Service Academy class took the oath-of-office this morning at the Police Training Center.

Over 1000 applicants competed for the fifteen positions. The class profile reflects a group that has an average age of approximately 28 years old, ten hold a bachelor's degree and five have a master's or higher.  All have significant life, work, and community service experiences as evidenced by examining this list: (alphabetically ordered)

1. Eric Appiah was an assistant director of fitness and wellness.
2. Natalie Deibel was a reading instructor and teacher.
3. Michael Eckhardt was a police officer with another agency.
4. Devon Harteneck was a library security assistant.
5. James Imoehl was a substitute teacher.
6. Lindsay Kamnetz was a legal assistant.
7. Michael Malloy was a police officer with another agency.
8. Tieranie Merchant was a police officer with another agency.
9. Justin Nelsen was a restorative justice counselor.
10. Alexander Pfeil was a research assistant.
11. Anna Schmidt was employed in records compliance.
12. Daniel Sherrick was an air export associate.
13. Sarah Skoug was a warehouse associate.
14. Lore Vang was an assistant director.
15. Tyrone Williams was a youth employment and literacy specialist.

Recruit officers will be trained in a host of topic areas including criminal law and procedure, investigations, relational skills, community policing and problem solving strategies, professional communications, ethics, crisis intervention, defense and arrest tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operations, vehicle contacts and report writing. These subject areas are but a small sampling of courses that will be covered in great depth over the course of five and a half months.

Following a comprehensive Pre-Service Academy over 840 hours in length, each recruit will be paired with veteran officers for three months of practical application street training before being assigned to solo patrol in one of MPD's various districts and shifts.


This blog was authored by Lt. Melissa Schiferl

Posted by: Chief Koval

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