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Tag: Safe Communities

July 5, 2018 9:23 AM

June 2018…..projected to be the WORST MONTH EVER in the City of Madison for heroin deaths and the second worst for overdoses. A sad truth. There were 35 known overdoses in June (2018). In June (2017) there were 9; thus we saw a 289% increase. There were 11 suspected deaths from heroin … [read more]

August 1, 2016 2:21 PM

Today's guest blog was authored by Lt Dan Olivas "Are you really just here to help people?" The police officer paused in their conversation with the front desk clerk and turned to the woman who had just walked in the front door of the motel. "We sure are," responded the officer. The officer … [read more]

January 28, 2016 8:56 AM

Since becoming Chief in April of 2014, I am literally tethered to my cell phone, 24-7. While I have a great team that can negotiate and resolve virtually everything and anything that comes our way, my management style (Management by Walking Around/MBWA) is such that I want to stay plugged in to … [read more]

May 22, 2015 1:07 PM

UPDATE: See the attached video for the press conference held on 5/22/15 regarding this matter As I draft this blog, a coordinated response of MPD command staff, specialized units (including Violent Crime, Burglary, Gang, Special Investigations, Dane County Narcotics Task Force, Community … [read more]

September 3, 2014 11:21 AM

Each day, emails are sent out to our Department by the Officer-in-Charge giving a summary of the calls that occurred throughout Madison on each shift.  Unfortunately, it has become rare that we don’t read about a heroin overdose or death on a regular basis.  Heroin addiction is plaguing our … [read more]

April 7, 2014 9:57 AM

In our city there are serious injuries and deaths that occur far too often that we believe can be reduced with a coordinated community-wide effort of agencies working together.  One of these agencies helping to pave ways towards this mission is Safe Communities.  Safe Communities of … [read more]

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