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MPD Daily Significant Calls 12/23/2017 to 12/24/2017

December 24, 2017 9:47 AM

From 5:30 a.m. on 12/23/2017 through 5:30 a.m. on 12/24/2017, MPD received 261 calls for service.  This number does not include parking complaints or 911 misdials.

**Priority calls only, city-wide, from 11pm to 12:40am.  Calls briefly went to normal cycles, however that changed due to a high influx of numerous shots fired calls.  City again went on priority calls from 1:45am until 6am.  4th Detail (8pm to 4am) had to be held over due to volume and seriousness of calls.  A concert at the Masonic Center, 301 Wisconsin Ave, tied up numerous resources with attendance estimated at approximately 300 individuals; lots of reports of fights and disturbances throughout the area that MPD was unable to address due to officer/subject ratios and officer safety concerns.**

1) CENTRAL: Found Person – 3:34 a.m.  A 36 year old WM subject was entered missing from Brooklyn, Michigan on 12/7/17.  MPD officers located the subject safe at First United Methodist Church, 203 Wisconsin Ave.  The subject's family was contacted and they are responding to pick him up.

2) WEST: Robbery-Strong Armed – 12:01 p.m.  Officers responded to the 600 block of S Whitney Way for a strong armed robbery.  A teenaged AAM, 5'7", thin, wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes, was apparently waiting for an elderly woman to leave a store.  The suspect ran up to the victim, stole her purse and witnesses pursued him.  The suspect ran through the parking lot and dropped the purse.  The victim got her purse back and was uninjured.  Investigation continuing.

3) EAST: Damage to Property – 12:26 p.m.  Officers were dispatched to Cumberland Ln reference a weapons offense.  The victim was in his living room when he heard his window hit and a spider-web crack resulted from a pellet/BB gun.  Investigation continuing.

4) WEST: Domestic Disturbance - 1:26 p.m.  Officers were sent to D'onofrio Dr reference a domestic disturbance investigation.  Officers developed charges for domestic disorderly conduct and bail jumping.  The victim (31 year old WF) was placed in a local hotel by Dane County Crime Response.  Elements of stalking were identified by the victim.  The suspect (44 year old WM) was arrested at work.  The suspect was taken to jail and a stalking letter was issued. 

5) NORTH: Adult Arrested Person-Endangering Safety by Use of a Dangerous Weapon - 1:42 p.m.  MPD was dispatched to East Bluff to assist with an individual (21 year old AAM) who was having a medical emergency (seizure) and was being held down by family.  The subject was taken to an ambulance for transport to a local hospital when MFD personnel found a loaded firearm on his person.  The firearm was turned over to officers and the subject was treated at the local hospital.  Continuing investigation revealed that the subject was also determined to be impaired by alcohol and was in possession of a schedule IV controlled substance without being prescribed for this medication.  Following a medical clearance, the subject/suspect was then taken to jail. 

6) CENTRAL: Adult Arrested Person-Drug Incident Overdose - 2:38 p.m.  MPD officers were dispatched to the Beacon (615 E Washington Ave) for a male passed out in the shower.  Beacon staff administered naloxone.  An MPD officer arrived and also administered naloxone.  MFD arrived and also administered naloxone. Finally, the patient was revived and taken to a local hospital.  The patient was arrested for an outstanding parole violation and was taken to jail, following a medical clearance.

7) EAST: Check Person - 3:44 p.m.  Officers were dispatched to Grafton Rd to assist with an out of control 14 year old white female.  The juvenile was taken to a local hospital and was left in the care of the hospital staff and the juvenile's parents. 
8) CENTRAL: Death Investigation - 4:09 p.m.  Officers were dispatched to a male found deceased outside in the backyard of a residence on Williamson St.  The deceased (43 year old WM) had a history of alcohol and drug usage.  Drugs were found in the residence.  The deceased was last seen by a friend last night at 8:30 p.m. on the previous night.  The medical examiner was on scene and there were no signs of a disturbance or trauma.  Autopsy scheduled.  Investigation continuing. 

9) WEST: Physical Abuse to a Child - 6:09 p.m.  Officers were dispatched to a battery at JCPenney (West Towne Mall).  Officers arrested the male suspect (21 year old WM) who was the older brother of the victim (15 year old WM), for physical abuse of a child.  Investigation showed that the older brother struck the younger brother in the head while at the mall, causing injury.  The suspect was taken to jail. 

10) SOUTH: OMVWI Arrest – 7:13 p.m.  Officers were dispatched to the 700 block of Moorland Rd reference an OMVWI investigation.  The WM suspect was arrested for first offense OWI and while one officer was placing the suspect in the squad car, the officer injured his knee.

11) SOUTH: Weapons Offense - 8:55 p.m.  MPD responded to the South Transfer Point, 802 W Badger Rd, reference a subject with a knife.  Officers arrived on scene and make contact with the suspect, a 52 year old HM, and detain him.  The victim, a 35 year old AAM, states that the suspect decided to urinate 10 ft away from him and the victim told the suspect to stop.  The suspect did not appreciate this and pulled out a knife and held it down at his side.  The victim stated the suspect did not aggress towards him and the victim called 911.  The suspect was taken to a local medical facility due to incapacitation and probable cause was written for disorderly conduct while armed.

12) WEST: Weapons Offense-Person with a Gun - 8:59 p.m.  MPD responds to the 10 block of N Wickham Ct reference a disturbance where a gun is mentioned.  Officers arrive on scene and make contact with the victim (30 year old AAM) who stated there was a shooting that occurred at this residence on the previous night that was not reported.  The victim stated his residence was damaged by a discharged bullet and asked the responsible parties for money today to cover the cost of the damage.  This led to an argument and the suspects (25 year old AAM and 27 year old AAM) lifted up their shirts and retrieved black semi-auto pistols from each of their waistbands.  The suspects then left the area in an SUV with IL registration.  Probable cause exists for disorderly conduct while armed for both suspects.  Update: Hours later, both suspects returned and were contacted in a vehicle by MPD.  The suspects denied all allegations and consented to the search of their vehicle.  A gun was located and collected by MPD. Suspects were charged with misdemeanors. 

13) NORTH: Domestic Disturbance - 9:21 p.m.  MPD responds to the 500 block of Banding Ln reference a possible hostage situation.  There was confusing information coming in stating there was a mother and child being held against their will at this residence by male subjects.  Officers arrive on scene and observe two male subjects inside the residence and they refused to come to the door.  There were numerous knocks and verbals given at the door, however, the male subjects still refused to answer.  Due to information that the mother may be in danger, the door was forced open and MPD cleared the residence and detained two suspects. While MPD is on scene, a female arrives and provides a statement.  The victim, 20 year old WF, stated that the suspect, 20 year old AAM, had an argument with her in the bedroom and the suspect battered the victim.  The suspect is ultimately arrested for domestic false imprisonment, domestic battery, domestic disorderly conduct, and obstructing.

14) WEST: Drug Overdose - 10:26 p.m.  Officers responded to the 2000 block of Adderbury Ln reference a subject that overdosed.  Officers arrived on scene and the subject was unconscious and without a pulse.  Naloxone was administered twice and the subject regained a pulse.  The subject, a 31 year old WM, is transported to a local hospital.  Drug paraphernalia was located at the residence.  The subject was admitted at the hospital and was left with citations for possession of schedule IV narcotic and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Numerous resources were needed for this call with scene and transport to hospital. 

15) NORTH: Weapons Offense-Shots Fired - 11:56 p.m.  MPD responded to the 4600 block of Judy Ln for a report of shots fired with multiple callers.  Officers arrived and located numerous casings (.45 and 9mm) and damage to a residence.  The residence was occupied and no injuries were reported.  The residence was occupied by two adults and a grandchild.  A witness observed the suspect vehicle with lights off on the roadway and then observed muzzle flashes from the vehicle, and then sees the vehicle leave the area.  Investigation continuing.

16) CENTRAL: Weapons Offense-Shots Fired - 1:33 a.m.  MPD responded to the 300 block of S Park St reference a vehicle that was shot.  Officers arrived on scene and located the vehicle and subjects and observed that the vehicle was shot three times.  The victims, two 31 year old WFs, heard four loud bangs and the vehicle starts to experience difficulties.  The victim driver is able to coast her vehicle into a nearby gas station where contact was made.  The victims have no idea why they were targeted and stated they were present at a concert downtown earlier.  The victims stated that they left the concert due to numerous fights and disturbances, but deny any involvement with those incidents.  The vehicle was photographed, parties were released, and the vehicle was released to the victims.

17) SOUTH: Weapons Offense-Shots Fired - 3:14 a.m.  MPD was on scene at a previous shooting two blocks away when they heard two shots ring out in the 500 block of S Park St. MPD responded down the street and observed numerous vehicles leaving the area.  Officers located casings in the roadway.  Officers also responded to a local hospital and located a victim, a 33 year old AAM, that was shot and was driven to the hospital by his girlfriend.  No suspect information at this time.  Investigation continuing.

Posted by: Chief Koval

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