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MPD Daily Significant Calls 01/01/2018 to 01/02/2018

January 2, 2018 10:08 AM

From 5:30 a.m. on 01/01/2018 through 5:30 a.m. on 01/02/2018, MPD received 263 calls for service.  This number does not include parking complaints or 911 misdials. 

1) NORTH: Fire Investigation – 5:11 a.m.  Officers responded to a fence on fire on Commercial Avenue.  Investigation continuing.  Suspicious origins.    

2) SOUTH: Sexual Assault – 7:25 a.m.  A victim (18 year old AAF) responded to the West District to report a sexual assault by a known suspect (30 year old HM).  There were different addresses provided by the victim for where the sexual assault occurred (happened to be in two different law enforcement jurisdictions).  Fitchburg PD assisted at one point with the investigation and the case was ultimately assigned to MPD.  Investigation continuing.     

3) SOUTH: Armed Robbery – 12:16 p.m.  Officers responded to an armed robbery at Falbo Brother's Pizzeria at 406 S. Park St. The suspect (WM) robbed an employee using a handgun.  The suspect fled on foot. K9 track completed. Press release completed.  Investigation continuing. 

4) CENTRAL: Check Property – 12:41 p.m.  Officers responded to Langdon St where a basement apartment was observed with smashed windows and a laptop was on the sidewalk outside the building.  Officers cleared the residence and found it to be in complete disarray (fresh blood trail, broken items, kicked-in doors, a tuft of hair).  No subjects were found inside the home.  The resident (34 year old WM) could not be located.  Neighbors reported hearing what sounded like a multiple-person disturbance in the morning.  Attempt to locate aired for the resident.  The resident returned home later in the day and was interviewed. He provided very little explanation about what happened.  Investigation continuing. 

5) NORTH: Death Investigation – 2:18 p.m.  Officers responded to a north side residence for a deceased subject (50 year old female of middle eastern descent).  The decedent was a hospice patient.  Nothing suspicious on scene.  Medical Examiner's office notified.   

6) WEST: Stolen Auto – 2:20 p.m.  Officers responded to a residence on the west side of Madison for a stolen auto.  The vehicle was left unoccupied, with the keys inside and the vehicle running.  Attempt to locate aired.  The vehicle was listed as stolen in the appropriate databases.  Investigation continuing. 

7) EAST: Stolen Vehicle Arrest – 2:35 p.m. Officers responded to Commercial Avenue where a subject observed his girlfriend's stolen vehicle occupied by multiple individuals.  The police responded and subjects were conveyed to the East District due to the cold temperatures outside.  Initially, two of the five occupants in the vehicle were on scene. While the details of the incident were being sorted through, a third subject entered the East District and was identified as being another subject that was inside the stolen vehicle.  Ultimately, three suspects were arrested for operating a motor vehicle without consent (19 year old AAF, 18 year old AAM and 15 year old AAM).  Investigation continuing.    

8) SOUTH: Adult Arrested Person – 2:45 p.m.  Officers responded to Vilas Ave for a report that a victim (27 year old AAF) was receiving contact from her ex-boyfriend/suspect (29 year old AAM) when this was prohibited.  The suspect was contacted and arrested for violation of a domestic abuse order.

9) CENTRAL: Armed Robbery – 5:50 p.m.  Officers responded to Bassett Food Mart located at 41 S. Bassett St for an armed robbery by a suspect (WM) with a handgun.  The suspect fled.  Press release completed.  Investigation continuing.

10) SOUTH: Adult Arrested Person – 6:00 p.m.  Officers responded to the 700 block of W. Washington Ave to check the welfare of a subject/suspect (28 year old AAM).  The suspect was making threats to staff at Journey Mental Health over the phone and responded to their location, where he continued with his threats.  The suspect fled in his vehicle when officers arrived on scene.  The suspect stopped his vehicle, got out of his vehicle quickly and demanded that the police shoot him.  The suspect was taken into protective custody and transported to a local hospital.  The suspect was ultimately conveyed to the jail on charges of disorderly conduct, unlawful use of a telephone and resisting arrest.   

11) NORTH: Disturbance – 6:02 p.m.  Officers responded to the 3800 block of E. Washington Ave for a report of a subject with a gun.  Officers arrived and located several upset individuals as well as a report of damage to a vehicle.  The alleged weapon was discovered to most likely be a flashlight.  No charges were substantiated at this time.  All of the individuals were separated for the evening. Investigation continuing.    

12) NORTH: Residential Burglary – 9:43 p.m.  Officers responded to a residential burglary of a storage locker in the 4700 block of Hayes Rd in which numerous items were taken.  Investigation continuing. 

13) WEST: Suspicious Vehicle – 12:44 a.m.  Officers responded to Winchester Street for a family dispute as well as a suspicious vehicle.  The suspect (20 year old WM) fled in the vehicle he was sleeping in when officers arrived and a pursuit was not initiated.  There are apparently on-going conflicts between the subject and family members on Winchester St.  Probable cause was developed for the suspect for resisting a police officer.  Suspect is at large.  Investigation continuing.      

Posted by: Chief Koval

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