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Madison Police Department Annual Hosted Events

February 11, 2014 3:13 PM

The Madison Police Department participates in numerous events and activities throughout the year which include community/neighborhood events, celebrations and charity fundraisers.  We also participate in yearly events such as Big Rig Gig, Safety Saturday, Juneteenth Day events, Ethnic Fest, events related to Black History Month, blood drives, community bike rodeos and a host of many other events.  In addition to these events the Madison Police Department also hosts a variety of events throughout the year with the hope of engaging positively with the community.  I have highlighted just a few of these events knowing however that this is a very short list of events that we host.  Maybe you will see something of interest for yourself or someone you know to participate in.  To learn more about events hosted through the Madison Police Department as well as the events that the Madison Police Department participates in throughout the year make sure you stay connected with us through our website, Twitter and Facebook accounts!




Madison Police Cyber Detective Camp: A Partnership with the Wisconsin Youth Company

For one week every August, members of the Madison Police Department work with middle school aged students to promote cyber safety by offering an experiential education course through Middle School U.  This is an educational and recreational program developed by the Wisconsin Youth Company. The goal of this course is for students to learn about cyber safety during a week-long simulation that models some real life practices of detective and police officers. In the cyber detective course, participants are sworn in on a Monday morning as "cyber detectives" and are assigned a case that involves either an internet or technology based crime. Throughout the week, the participants work in groups to conduct interviews, process a crime scene and collect evidence. At the end of the week, they make a determination as to how to close the case. In the process of solving the crime, principles related to cyber safety are embedded within the context of the case so that participants can learn about being safe online while also learning some basic principles of modern day policing.

In 2014, the Madison Police Department will once again participate in Middle School U and continue to build cyber safety awareness among our young citizens.  The students who participate in this event are selected through the Wisconsin Youth Company.  Typically about 15 students participate in this event.   If you would like additional information regarding this camp please contact Lt. June Groehler at 608-266-6560.

2014 Latino Youth Academy

The 2014 Latino Youth Academy will be held August 20-22nd at our Training Center.  The academy is geared towards students entering 7th and 8th grade.  A student is recommended to the academy by their teacher through Madison Metropolitan School District.  After their information is reviewed and if they are accepted into the academy the student receives an application to complete.  This youth outreach program was designed to build trust, promote careers in law enforcement (or anything else they want to be), inspire and educate local Latino middle-schoolers.  They strive to improve public perceptions of police, build interpersonal relationships with the Latino community, positively influence youth and educate the students and their families on what police functions are in our community.      
2014 Black Youth Academy

The 2014 Black Youth Academy will be held August 6-8 at our Training Center.  The initial selection process works the same as the Latino Youth Academy.  The Black Youth Academy is a diverse group of Law Enforcement Officers committed to hosting an annual academy.  The academy is open to all but it is primarily focused on building relationships with black youth.  The goals of this academy are to build relationships of trust with community youth, their families and neighborhoods.  They also want to educate and interest youth on the role and work of law enforcement as well as instilling leadership knowledge and qualities in these youth to take back into their homes and communities.      

2014 Citizen Police Academy

Each year the Madison Police Department offers a Citizen's Academy which is a program designed to give the public a working knowledge and understanding of the values, goals, objectives and operation of our Department.  This academy is not intended for those wishing to pursue a career in the law enforcement field, but instead to provide citizens with a unique opportunity to be involved in and obtain a better understanding of our Department.  Our goal is to improve communication and to help build positive relationships between our Department and our community members in which we serve.  We strongly believe that by working together we are better able to solve problems that face our community and improve the quality of life in Madison. 

This year's academy will take place starting in September.  The Academy consists of nine three-hour sessions that are conducted on a weekly basis.  During the Academy citizens can expect to be exposed to subject matter relating to the duties and responsibilities of police officers.  The Academy is instructed by Police Officers and Supervisors from within our Department.  Topics that have been discussed in the past included: drugs and gangs, legal updates, officer involved shootings and use of force decision making, OWI and traffic enforcement, K9s and mounted patrol, crime scene investigation, crisis negotiations, Dane County Crime Response, child abuse/neglect, computer crimes, forensics and domestic preparedness.  The participants of the Academy are also offered an opportunity to go on a ride-along with a MPD police officer. 

There is an application process that one must go through in order to be considered for this Academy.  If you would like additional information about the minimum requirements of who can apply, how to apply or more information about the Academy please visit our website at:  The final touches are being put together for the 2014 Citizen Police Academy which will be posted to the website in the coming weeks.

Get to know your Madison Police Department Mounted Patrol Officers and Furry Partners!

The Madison Police Department's Mounted Patrol Unit will be hosting an open house at the Horse First Farm on April 27, 2014.  This is a great opportunity to meet the Mounted patrol officers and their friendly partners!  More details are to follow so make sure to check out the following website:

Again, these are only a few of the events that we are hosting in 2014 but I encourage you to stay connected with our Department in order to hear about all the events that we offer and participate in throughout the year.  These are a wonderful opportunity for our community and police department to connect.

Posted by: Interim Chief Gaber

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